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Define Opportunities

Identify your new growth drivers

Our approach

We live at a time of increasingly rapid and deep change (vision). New technologies, short economic cycles, the young generation and the social trends it transmits are jeopardizing the sustainability of companies’ business models.

The days where a company’s market approach strategy and business model would remain unchanged for years or even decades are gone.

Regardless of your company’s size, field, current growth and your ambitions, your company cannot continue to operate as it did in the past. Innovation is your lifeblood, the only way to survive tomorrow.

So you need to do some strategic thinking about your business model in order to define new growth drivers.

We have the business tools and the method for doing this at events we call “creative workshops”.


The heart of these workshops is innovation in the business model, in order to optimize the cost structure and revenue streams. Our “out-of-the-box” vision, combined with the customer’s business expertise, allows us to design the model as it is and find alternatives which open up new avenues for growth, such as:

  • New customer segments (with tailor-made value propositions)
  • New channels (sales, communication, interaction)
  • New strategic partnerships (production, new services, etc.)
  • New key resources 
  • New key activities

This strategic thinking is completed by the analysis of internal factors (strengths / weaknesses) and external (opportunities / threats) composing the customer’s environment.

Deliverables will consist of:

  • Report: details of the business model and alternatives
  • Briefing for managers on the structure of the model and on developments (5-min pitch)
  • Provision of simple Web tools linked to the method
  • Report: details of segmentation and value proposition for each segment
  • S.W.O.T. analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

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