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How we work

How START & DEV innovates to support you 

Our approach 


In an initial phase, during free discovery meetings, we exchange views with the business leaders on their development prospects and ambitions. We challenge them with our “out-of-the-box vision” of the issues they face. 


Everything starts with a holistic analysis of the customer’s activities in order to identify the strategic avenues which require our input.


Next we work closely with the corporate leaders, using business tools which make it possible to define new growth drivers. The heart of these workshops is innovation in the business model. Our “out-of-the-box” vision, combined with the customer’s business expertise, allows us to design the model as it is and find alternatives which open up new avenues for growth.  The creative workshops are the basis required to define new opportunities (Define Opportunities).


Once the new opportunities have been defined, they must be captured. Accordingly, the natural next stage is operational implementation and the necessary steps for capturing these opportunities. Here are some examples of operational services, in the logic of a continuous innovation process:

  • Business development;
  • Conquest of new, high-growth markets (international: Going Abroad)
  • Introduction of new business processes, structuring, alignment “people / process / tools”

The measurable results are the optimization of the cost structure and the improvement of the revenue streams. 

How you benefit

As can be seen from our vision, innovating is a perpetual state of mind, not an outcome! This is why our approach provides you with a continuous innovation process.  With our method, you can identify new growth drivers from a strategic to an operational level. This continuous innovation process helps establish a permanent, iterative link between strategy and operations.  Our approach represents the “missing link” which guarantees that operational implementation will succeed and that your company will succeed in moving on to the next stage of development.

This continuous process you need to succeed, relies on a network of specialized partners who share our vision of innovation.

These are recognized experts in their field, complementary to ours, boosting your chances of making a sustainable transition to a new stage of development.

For your benefit, we have created a value chain, with them, that makes possible to bring this continuous innovation cycle to life.  

Our expert partners

We believe in “share-to-win”. So we know that expertise is stronger when it is shared. We also know that strength comes from complementarity. Accordingly, we believe in networking competencies.

Here are some of our partners’ fields of action:

  • Branding, brand repositioning strategy
  • Economic intelligence, answers to strategic and operational questions
  • Qualitative marketing, better knowledge of customer segments (targets)
  • Marketing content, improved communication
  • Setting-up expertise in Switzerland
  • Facilitated installation in the heart of Europe
  • Process and organization, optimization of the development of your structure

The only question you have to ask yourself:

When do we start developing your company? 

When do we START & DEV?

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