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Business Development

Capturing new growth drivers

Surviving tomorrow means turning challenges into opportunities.

The pace “of change” in all areas of activities has accelerated in an unimaginable way in recent years, and we are only at the beginning of a trend which will continue to intensify.

Surviving tomorrow means exploring new “territories”.

All companies, regardless of the sector in which they operate, must start questioning their business models ASAP.

New technologies and ever-shorter economic cycles are challenging the fundamentals of companies and their market approach. Moreover, globalization and the impact of the Internet, such as E-commerce, the new transactions with crypto-money, are still in their infancy.

For an organization, creating value over the long term consists of envisaging unexplored “territories” to stand out from the rest.

Surviving tomorrow means capturing new growth drivers:

new partnerships, new channels and new market segments, with the help of reworked business models, value propositions and market repositioning.

Business developmentvia innovation is the “missing link” for a successful “Go-to-Market” plan. Taking advantage of an external business development service lets you stay ahead of the competition by surprising the market to go beyond customers’ expectations.

The Business Development operational service by START & DEV

START & DEV offers an outsourced service with its Innovation Business Developers who are part of a new generation of managers with dual competencies in entrepreneurship and commerce.

They are experts with a strategic vision, combined with the capacity to create and seize opportunities while managing projects over the long term. They are entrepreneurs with a strong personality and a flair for sales.

Innovation is a must for business development, and allows:

  • Out-of-the-box” definition of the business model.
  • Operational implementation that is both strategic and long term.

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