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What’s next?

Regardless of your current growth and your ambitions, START & DEV will assist you in moving on to the next stages of your economic development.

More than ever, managers are looking for answers to a fundamental question: how can they get past current challenges, which are coming at a frenetic pace, to move on to the next level of economic development for their company?

New technologies have considerably changed the way operations are conducted. Ever shorter economic cycles are jeopardizing the sustainability of business models. The young generation, who are accustomed to new tools and practices, are straining companies’ capacity to attract and retain talent.

START & DEV has a unique ability to turn challenges into opportunities and helps organizations to identify new growth drivers from a strategic to an operational level.

START & DEV provides a critical analysis of companies’ business models using an “out-of-the-box” vision. This approach highlights relevant concepts which, combined with our network of expert partners, enable our customers to strengthen their development and guarantee their success.

Innovation is the lifeblood of companies (from Hans Hess, President of Swissmem)

So, when do we START & DEV?


We are living in a time of increasingly rapid and deep change. To give a few examples:

  • The life expectancy of the Fortune 500 companies has plummeted from 75 to 15 years;
  • The production adoption cycle has shrunk from 25 years to 6 months;
  • The 10 professions most in demand on the job market in 2010 didn’t exist in 2000;
  • Fifteen billion new products (IoT) will appear on the market in the next five years;
  • Worldwide, the mobile phone is the most commonly consulted device;
  • By 2030, 66% of the world’s middle class will live in Asia…

Everything needs to be rethought. Companies in 2015 can’t go on with “business as usual”. Innovation is their lifeblood. So they need to do some strategic thinking about their business model in order to define new growth drivers, such as exporting towards high-growth markets.

Innovating is a perpetual state of mind, not an outcome!


Start & Dev’s reason for being is to assist companies in moving on to the next stages of their economic development.

The strength of Start & Dev is its unique ability to provide such assistance, thanks to the extensive operational experience of its founders, consultants and expert partners. It is unique because it knows when to intervene at any given moment in the company’s value chain to identify business growth opportunities.

Start & Dev’s core compentency is:

Bringing companies innovation by challenging their business models in order to define new growth drivers

Assisting them with the resultant business development operations, both locally and internationally.

Start & Dev makes available the experience of its founders, consultants and partners as well as its relations in Switzerland and abroad, in particular in Asia with an office in Malaysia, in addition to a network in Africa.

Start & Dev is the missing link between strategy and operations, making it possible to guarantee suc cessful implementation and hence the success of its customers.

We are visionary “doers”, not just “thinkers”.

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